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Boner Pro Series Fishing Rods

Boner® Pro Series Offshore Heavy Saltwater Rods

Rod Blanks:  These awesome black and gold offshore rods are built on the American Tackle Blanks. Featuring durable E-glass, graphite, and graphite composite materials, these blanks are designed for durability and uncompromised performance. The E-glass models in traditional actions provide proven success offshore. The graphite composites blend the heavy lifting power of graphite with the durability of fiberglass to win the biggest battles.

Guides & Tips: Our offshore saltwater rods come only with the best guides from American Tackle, such as the Typhoon Ring Lock guides for the heavy duty offshore spinning rod. American Tackle Ring Lock™ guides are designed for the ultimate in performance and durability. The Ring Lock system is focused on preventing ring loss and protection from impact to provide the strongest and most innovative guide on the market today! For our offshore Trolling Rods, only the Virtus-Latin will do! For excellence and strength, This American Tackle guide is a best-of-breed guide series that offers unmatched performance. These frames are comprised of solid 316ss stainless steel material that adds corrosion protection and strong frame structure. Split front leg design adds lateral stability. Ring Lock press-fit ring system with larger glue reservoir prevents ring loss. Thicker gauge frame material adds strength and prevents crushing and deformation. Our rod guides are under wrapped and double over wrapped for blank protection and superior guide holding power.

Reel Seat: American Tackle Heavy Duty Machined Aluminum Reel Seat with ribbed ID for a stronger bond, has two reverse knurled aluminum collars with the exclusive black electrolysis ring guard between, with a first class anodization, and extra heavy duty aluminum hoods, this reel seat competes with any of the top quality seats on the market today.

Grips: Our heavy offshore spinning rods come with American Tackle 10" Rear grip with a 4" fore grip in EVA and are very firm grip yet remarkably light in weight, durable and chip resistant. For our Trolling Rods, only the American Tackle Nylon Smooth Butt would do Designed with durability in mind, the butt is built for use with rod holders, which makes them a world wide favorite for trolling. The smooth butt is coupled with a aluminum gimbal machined from solid stock marine aluminum. These extremely durable gimbals weigh half as much as similar brass gimbals.

If you are going to call it a Boner®, it’s got to be the best performing product ever!

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